Today, realizing we are already halfway through August, I thought it might be a good time to sit down and work on some photographs.  Just one of the many images, that have been neglected, since returning from my Bike trip back in July. This was one of the moments when you had to decide to stop and take a photo or press on and maintain the slight advantage you have over an impending storm.

sportsters on the farm

After a few busy weeks of work and a ten day motorcycle trip it’s time to get down to business. I was recently on stage at Maxwell”s in Hoboken to photograph a great band that you might not be aware of, I’m expecting that to change very soon. I’ll be posting more photographs over the next few days of the set they played at one of  Hobokens  most legendary clubs.


Ladies and Gentlemen- Pour the Pirate Sherry



The bike trip ended last night and as predicted was completed at Tom’s Tavern in Farmingdale, NJ.
We rode over 3,000 miles in 10 days, our longest trip in 12 years.
We met a lot of people along the way, and like other years, most were surprised and impressed that we were out riding on Sportsters. If your unfamiliar with motorcycles it the smallest bike that Harley-Davidson produces and is very popular with short women, but I’m ok with that. It’s an extremely reliable and adaptable bike that was never meant for touring, but that hasn’t stopped us from riding them all over the northeast and into the deep south.


Left Clarksburg, WV this morning a little before 9. The sun was working hard to burn off the fog that kept visiblity to a minimum.


My bike covered in Mountain dew, not the kind you drink.


Every bike trip we lose something, some years more then others. This year, so far, we’ve lost the following:

1 -grey t-shirt
1 -red bungee cord
1 -1970’s style blue bubble shield
1- green plastic army canteen
1- tailight lens
1- blinker lens

Oh well !

Earlier today


Approaching Burnsville, West Virginia. This was the end of a very epic 2 hour ride through the back roads of West Virginia before we hit the Interstate for 40 miles ending up in Clarksburg for the night. 400 miles till home!


Travel across this bridge and you end up in Ohio. Port of Ashland was our last stop in Kentucky. Sorry to see such a beautiful state disappear in the mirror.